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Themed Planner Clip Grab Bags

Themed Planner Clip Grab Bags

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Our Grab Bags are perfect for expanding your planner paperclip collection!

Each bag contains 5 paperclips - no oops, all our usual high-quality products! Available in themed bags or a total mix.

Each bag is packed at random. There will be no duplicates within a single bag, but if you purchase more than one you may find some duplicates. Bags may contain seasonal items as well as designs that can be used all year around! With an RRP over £12.50 or more these bags are an absolute bargain!

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    Many of our planner clips have a choice of attachment styles:

    - Topper: The feltie will be attached so that when in use almost all of the feltie design will show above the page.

    - Covered: The feltie is attached so that the design "peeks" out of the pages when in use, with the some paperclip itself usually slipped into the backing felt before being secured. Horizontal covered are perfect for horizontal pockets at the front of your planner as the clip can be secured to the right edge.


    With so many possible colour and design combinations, it's impossible to list them all!

    If you can not see what you're after please do get in touch and we'll be happy to help to help.

    If your desired attachment style is out of stock (for example gold instead of silver) please drop a note at the checkout and most requests can be met. Please note, not all designs have an option for covered attachment. If in doubt just contact us and we can advise.


    Actual colours may vary. This is due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and that everyone sees these colours differently.

    On very rare occasions, a different material may need to be used due to stock levels. However, this will always be matched as closely as possible.