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Hi! I'm Lindsey, the owner behind My Unicorn Planner. Originally from Canada, I'm based in Staffordshire, UK, where I live with my partner, our two little people, and our fur babies (one cat, one dog). I have always loved stationery, and I can still remember my first planner - a 'Fun Fax'! I'm proud to say that both my kids are planner addicts in the making, always looking to offer their suggestions for new designs, or help pack orders... and picking out their favourite clips and accessories for their own planners of course!

So, how did My Unicorn Planner start? Well, towards the end of 2015, I found myself in search of something to help get myself organised. I suffer with anxiety, and with both myself and my partner running businesses from the home, two young children, and a house in need of lots of DIY, I felt like I was drowing in scraps of paper, to do lists, and never quite getting on top of things! I purchased my first MAMBI Happy Planner, and soon realised that I'd found so much more than a simple planner! 

After making myself some bow planner clips to add some sparkle to my own planner, I got several requests from fellow planners to sell them. In January 2016 I opened an Etsy shop, not really expecting to do much business, but just to run it alongside my gifts and clothing shop. I chose the name 'My Unicorn Planner' after seeing the phrase used so often to describe that 'perfect' planner we all look for in our search of planner peace. The shop opened with just a handful of bows, but I was overwhelmed with the support not only from customers, but from other shops too! I already used embroidery within my other business, so it wasn't long before I introduced some feltie style paperclips. Before I knew it My Unicorn Planner had over 100 designs listed!

In January 2019, My Unicorn Planner turned 3, celebrating with the launch of our standalone website! The range of products and designs has grown so much - as well as paperclips, you can find planner charms, bands, pen sleeves, pouches and more!

Over the years I've had the honour of working with many amazing planner shops (see our Collaboration page for examples!), developing custom designs from the artwork of some very talented sticker makers! There is nothing quite like the planning community. I really can't think of any other industry where 'competing' shops work so well together and build each other up. It's amazing to be a part of that!

I am so excited to see how My Unicorn Planner grows and develops. I'm so grateful to all of our customers and supporters as my little business means I can work on my dreams, while supporting my family. I have so many ideas, and new products launching over the next few months, into 2020. Be sure to follow us on social media for sneak peeks and special offers!

Lindsey x



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